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Welcome to Long Island Wiki, your comprehensive guide to everything Long Island has to offer. From its picturesque beaches and charming towns to world-class shopping centers and vibrant cultural events, Long Island is a diverse and exciting destination for both residents and visitors alike. We'll explore the highlights of Long Island, providing you with insider tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your time on this beautiful island.

Long Island Wiki is a free, open-source, and community-driven online encyclopedia dedicated to providing comprehensive information about Long Island, New York. Created and maintained by local Island residents and enthusiasts, the website covers a wide range of topics related to the region, including its history, geography, culture, businesses, events, and notable residents.


The mission of Long Island Wiki is to create a centralized platform where individuals can access reliable and up-to-date information about Long Island. The website aims to foster community engagement, promote local businesses and attractions, and serve as a valuable resource for both residents and visitors.


As a community-driven project, Long Island Wiki encourages users to contribute to the site by creating new articles, updating existing content, and participating in discussions. Registered users can edit and add content, while visitors can browse the site without registration. The website's administrators and moderators work to ensure the accuracy, relevance, and quality of the content provided.

If you are looking for more information about Long Island Wiki, and/or would like help registering, please email


As the Long Island Wiki community continues to add pages, here are just some of the categories we have began to populate:

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